transitive verb │ bench●mark │ \’bĕnch-märk\

tr.v. bench●marked, bench●mark●ing, bench●marks


To measure (a rival’s product) according to specified standards in order to compare it with and improve one’s own product.

CAHS, Inc offers a time-tested benchmarking process FREE of charge to businesses/organizations interested in comparing their financial performance to others in their vertical markets. This comparison will help you increase your profit by saving on the expense side and/or freeing up some money to invest on the revenue generating side of your business/organization. All this while helping you establish a Proactive management approach to your HVAC system in order to control your budget and end unexpected emergency spending.

Through the benchmarking process, we:

  • Share information about trends in your industry;

  • Review universal operating strategies;

  • Share examples of tangible/proven results that others in your industry have accomplished; and

  • Discuss an effective implementation process tailored to your individual business/organization needs

As CEO, CFO or Decision Maker in your business/organization, you may be faced with any of the following challenges:

  • Increasing energy and operating costs

  • Reduced funding – Being asked to do more with less

  • Deferred systems and maintenance issues

  • Budgeting unpredictable costs

  • Increasing complexity of buildings and systems

  • Aging facilities and infrastructure

  • Sustainability & Green initiatives

  • Regulatory Compliance

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If you could use a hand offsetting any of the challenges above, call us to discover opportunities you may not even know are there.