Coil Coating

CAHS’ partnership with Infiniti Coatings LLC allows CAHS to offer clients a superior solution to protect their investment. The product name is InfiniGard. It is a two-part hybrid silicon-ceramic coating designed to bond on the molecular level with metal substrates. The resulting surface of the InfiniGard coated substrate exhibits extreme protection against oxidation, microbial intrusion, chemical corrosion, and ultra violet degradation. Furthermore, it demonstrates an increased flow rate of both liquid and gaseous substances across its surface versus a non-coated metal surface. Because of these properties, InfiniGard affords the following benefits:

  • Reduces Air Conditioning Energy cost from 10-25%, depending on HVAC equipment type

  • Improves operational efficiency extends life of equipment by up to 85%

  • Equipment degradation stops due to corrosion control

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality by getting rid of “Dirty Sock” Syndrome when evaporator coil is coated

  • Decreases head pressure on equipment

  • Stands up to hottest and most corrosive environments

  • Control panels and equipment cabinets can be coated

Product Comparison Table:



Other Coating, Phenolics & Aluminum Coatings


Bonds on molecular level with the substrate

These are sacrificial paints


All tubing is coated

When dipped at factory, some of the copper tubing is left exposed (uncoated)


The entire unit is coated including the inside and outside of the cabinet

Only apply coating to the coil


Product will not bridge

Bridging can occur


Increases laminar air flow

Decrease laminar flow


Inorganic coating (does not permit microbial growth)

Organic coating (allows microbial growth)


Increases initial output on units

Decrease initial output of the unit


Increases efficiency up to 15%

Decrease efficiency


Dry temperature max is 1,200 degrees F

Max dry temperature before failure is up to 1,000 degrees F


No metal pigments used

Some use aluminum/stainless steel pigment to impede corrosion

Sustains heat exchange on new units and restores it on existing units

Can be highly flammable

Can be easily field applied

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