Whether you own a home or operate a business, having a reliable and efficient heating and air conditioning solution is crucial every day of the week. That’s why CAHS, Inc. works with commercial organizations to optimize their heating and air conditioning for reduced costs, a boost in productivity, the protection of their assets, and more. We provide a variety of HVAC services designed to meet your needs, including building management, installation and replacements, preventive maintenance, and much more. CAHS, Inc. is also proud to be the only operating Linc Service contractor in South Texas, offering Best-In-Class service to our clients.


Lowering residential utility bills is a snap when you partner with CAHS, Inc. for your home HVAC needs as well. Our dedicated team of residential technicians work on equipment of all major brands and honor most warranties, so we’re well equipped to handle both emergency and preventive service requests. We can even provide you with safety inspections to ensure your system will be ready to handle seasonal demands.

Contractor Services

Over the last 45 years, CAHS, Inc. has fit or retrofit numerous industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings in the Rio Grande Valley by designing, building and/or installing engineer specified HVAC systems to required quality standards. We have business systems in place to serve as General Contractors or Sub-Contractors to accommodate customer needs; furthermore, we are registered with our local BuyBoard. Call us to arrange for a quote or to bid on your next project.

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Coil Coating

Because CAHS has partnered up with Infiniti Coatings LLC, we can apply a protective coating to your HVAC equipment coils and cabinets to increase their life up to 85%. This process also produces the following benefits: reduces your Air Conditioning Energy cost from 10% to 25%, controls degradation of equipment surfaces due to corrosion, and improves indoor air quality by getting rid of ‘dirty sock’ syndrome.