Within the facilities that house the nation’s most important data, equipment and decision-makers, our experience makes all the difference. Working for nearly two decades in military settings, we have honed our process to enable us to quickly navigate in and around areas that are for authorized personnel only to deliver the highest-grade HVAC, plumbing and access control systems.

Experienced in necessary federal documentation and official paperwork

Background-checked employees cleared to work in military facilities

Able to work within highly restricted areas and strict time parameters

Serving defense.

Putting our experience to work.

Many of the projects we are involved with occur within Secure Compartmented Information Facilities, of SCIFs, that are designed for document storage. Here, optimum conditions are continuously required to protect the highest level of data. Our experience in these unique environments often connects us with a wide variety of specialized contractors, base administrators and the Corps of Engineers. Additionally, we hold an OSHA 30 certification designating us as Lifetime Certified for government installations.

I want to extend my appreciation and to compliment you and your team of retrofit technicians that you have sent to complete the project. I’m happy to say that this was one of the most professional and knowledgeable teams I have had the pleasure of working with. The crew was onsite when promised, stayed through the entire day and persevered through heat, difficulties, and stayed late when unexpected problems arose. During all of this, not once, did I hear a word of complaint, annoyance, or discontent.